Friday, December 4, 2009

Here's How It All Went

As I said, I got the date. I actually asked her out via text message. I didn't want to do it that way. It wasn't the plan, but it was the only opportunity, so I just went with the flow. I kind of smoothed it in there. We were joking about how I kept her up late talking the last few nights, and how coffee was the only thing keeping her awake at work. She joked that I owe her a cup of coffee, so when I texted her, I basically said let's go get that cup of coffee I owe you. She agreed.

I called her on the phone tonight to kind of figure out the details. We ended up talking for 3 and a half hours. We're going to meet up and go out around where she lives.

This is where I'll mention the one hiccup in this whole thing. She lives over an hour away from me. We both grew up in the same town, but she took a job an hour away. Last month, she moved to an apartment 5 minutes from her work.

She spends enough time back in our hometown where I'm sure the distance won't be that big of a problem. It might get a little annoying driving over an hour each way to see each other. I'm getting WAY ahead of myself here though. I still have to see how the night goes.

By the way... I have to work Saturday morning. I'm driving over an hour to meet up with her at 9:30 at night. I'm assuming that I'll be out to at least 1:00 AM. Then, I won't make it back here until after 2 in the morning, so that I can get up to get ready for work less than 5 hours later. It's going to be a tiring night. I might actually have to start drinking coffee to date this girl.

She must like me, right? All the late night chats, the 3.5 hour phone call tonight, agreeing to go out with me... She must be interested, right?

No matter how things end up turning out, I have to be at least a little happy with myself. I mean, these are big steps. It's probably your average Friday night for a lot of guys, but this is the first date I've been on in almost 2 years. In this situation, I actually took the initiative more than I ever had in the past. I met her in person. I reached out to talk to her after meeting her. After taking a little while to get to know her, I asked her out. I'd say I'm progressing in leaps and bounds compared to where I was just a year ago.

Last December, I wrote a year in review post in which I mentioned that I'd probably look back at 2008 as a major turning point in my life. I also wrote that I wasn't even sure if I was a relationship person at all. How things have changed... If 2008 was the turning point, 2009 was me taking off running after the turn.

Wish me good luck tomorrow night. You can expect an update Saturday night. LOL... My blog has a purpose again.


Anonymous said...

My advice? Take a deep breath and relax. Judging from your 3.5 hour phone call, conversation must come easy - correct? If so, keep the flow going, flirt a little but don't overdo it. Don't get ahead of yourself and worry about the distance/time schedules yet. Time will be made if all goes well. Good luck! Most importantly, have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Very happy for you!!

random canadian pharmacy student said...

good job, man! she clearly likes you, so don't be worrying about that the whole time you're out -- just enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

For Heaven's sakes, enjoy yourself! Don't worry too much about the time crunch. After getting up to get to work on time, coffee helps. (I'm writing now on Sat. afternoon, so hope it went just fine.)

Rest assured, nothing really goes per one's plans; it helps if the attitude is 'right'.

There's not that much in this world that just 'turns' on only one factor. (Look at a 'minimization medication or drug errors model'. Things that go wrong usually are based on many, 'statistics' are going for you, too!

pharmacy chick said...

dyin to hear your update!!