Thursday, September 11, 2008

White Coat Update

I apparently have won the battle.

Our DM came to our store earlier this week for an issue entirely unrelated to this whole white coat thing, and he didn't care if we wore the coats or not. Therefore, the wonderful store manager (note it wasn't a pharmacy manager) who chastised me last week for not wearing a coat can go blow himself.

The best thing is that my pharmacy manager also never wears a white coat. In fact, he hasn't worn one in 20 years, and he refuses to wear it too. Now the store has two pharmacists openly defying the new dress code, and there's nothing they can do abou it.

It's really nice to be able to stick it to your store managers every once in a while. I mean, I know it's a relatively insignificant thing, but I'm sick of them determining pharmacy policy. I'm sick of them overruling our authority. I'm sick of them handing out gift cards to asshole customers who complain simply because they don't get their way on something they're obviously wrong about.

It's just a small victory, but it still feels good.


PharmacistMike said...

Good for you. I hate having a non-pharmacist over me. I once had a nurse manager over me at a home infusion pharmacy. She took a referral and I refused to take the patient on service because he needed daily changes to his coumadin while on lovenox and he didn't have a phone and lived in a trailer way out of town. It just wasn't safe. She threatened me saying that I was going to take the patient. I hit speaker and started calling the board of pharmacy, telling her she could explain to the board how a nurse can tell a pharmacist how to practice. She quickly hung up the phone and suddenly saw things my way.

pharmacy chick said...

Mike, congrats on winning the white coat war. And sorry you have a terrible store manager. Actually, I have the greatest store manager on the planet. I would walk thru hot coals for him. He's a great guy and while he is in the business of customer service, he is also respectful of how I run the pharmacy and never unsurps what I do. I like to kid him, "where do you put your halo and wings when you come to work?"
I am quite lucky.

Anonymous said...

Store Manager where I am is alright guy but hasn't been around long enough for me to get a good feel for him yet. In the past I have found many store managers can be bitter because we make more money and don't listen to a lot of their rules.

Anonymous said...

Mike works at CVS

Pharmacy Mike said...

You know... I've gotten a lot of these CVS comments, and I've deleted them all as not to confirm or deny where I work.

However, I'm kind of sick of them, so I'll just say that I DO NOT work at CVS. I think that's pretty freaking obvious if you read a lot of the posts on this blog.

I guess that CVS has a new dress code policy though. I'm sure that must suck too.