Monday, January 14, 2008

I'll never change the world

And with my last post, I realize that this is the reason I'll never do anything of any importance for this world...

I always accept the status quo. "This is the way things are, and we should all just accept them." That's me. To me, I know a lot of things in this world suck. I know that our government and corporate leaders are, for the most part, a lot of corrupt, money hungry bastards. I hate it. It shouldn't be that way. In the perfect world, it wouldn't be that way.

However, I just accept our imperfect world and try to make the best for myself in light of all the bullshit that goes on around me. That's why I won't fight for my profession. That's why while I'm interested in politics, I don't vote. I just don't feel like I can change anything, and it's just a waste of my time to try.

If everyone in the world was like me, nothing of any consequence would ever be accomplished. Therefore, it's a good thing many people are different and will fight for what they believe is right even if the chances of getting things changed are slim.

Alright... I've written too much today.


The *Angriest* Pharmacist said...

Let's start a club...

"Pharmacists that don't give a flyin' phuck..."

Gail said...

This is probably going to be a little touchy feely, but you know how you posted on how you are awesome at calming down angry customers? That's because you can see and understand both sides of the story. I see your last post as more evidence of that.

I'm the same way - I often find myself defending the "wrong" side - just because I can understand how the wrong side got to where they are at. It doesn't make the situation suck any less, but at least by understanding things and not being knee jerk, its a basis to move forward. The world needs understanding folks just as much as it needs firebrands. :)

Speaking of your post about soothing angry customers, I realized that's one huge thing I miss from my old job as a third/fourth level tech support rep. I loved being able to fix problems and make people happy - especially people who seemed completely impossible. I don't get to do that in my new job. It made me think about hey, I can give up my fairly well paying job for 6 years of pharmacy school. :)

Carol said...

Mike, you have been licensed for around a year, right? When I first started, I accepted whatever was handed to me and took it. It has now been 18 years. Gradually, over time, I realized that I did not have to take it and developed a toolbox of skills to hand it back to the giver. A suggestion about the running around, answering phones etc. Start delegating. Sounds like you are manager material. If you learn to delegate, it will hold you in good stead once you do become a manager. So, for example,"Betty get the phone please, I'm stuck on the computer." or whatever needs doing. And KEEP saying it! She won't like it, but if it is directly handed to her, she may do it. May not, but you never know.