Monday, January 21, 2008

I Love Mondays

Another Monday. Another shitty fucking day at work.

This day's problems seemed to originate from Friday of the week before. See, both I and the pharmacy manager had the day off on Friday, and neither of us worked the weekend. That left Friday's staff as a floater, Betty (AKA horrible pharmacist), and another pharmacist who I'm realizing more and more that while she isn't as annoying as Betty, she has many of the same lazy tendencies (I'll call this pharmacist Allison). None of the daily cleanup tasks got done (file prescriptions, load ScriptPro, take out garbage, etc.) There were a million little problems that didn't get resolved, even though they weren't all that difficult to figure out. Worst of all, nobody remembered to go into the computer to receive the order we got on Friday. When we get an order, we have to go into our automatic inventory system, and receive the order. That way, all the quantities on hand get updated. Without receiving the order, our inventory is off, and the next time you go to generate an order for the store, it will be all screwed up. I wasn't too pleased when I found out about this.

I knew getting up this morning that the pharmacy was going to be a disaster when I walked in, but I wasn't fully prepared for the mess that I saw. When I walked in at 11, there were prescription labels everywhere. Betty didn't even let me get my coat off before she handed me 3 "gifts" (i.e. problems that I must solve because she and whoever else saw them before me were too stupid to figure out). I spent the first 2.5 hours of my day on the phone with doctor's offices and insurance companies. As if that weren't bad enough, I had to listen to Betty's whiny, high pitched squeal of a voice recount how horrible it was to work on Friday. She wouldn't shut up. I wanted to take a whole roll of prescription tape and tape her mouth shut.

It still shocks me just how much she doesn't know how to do. The simplest freaking things are a complete mystery to her. She even has trouble putting in new insurance cards. I'm not even talking about the difficult ones. I'm talking about the ones you see 30 million times a day. I was on the phone with one of our most annoying customers for nearly 15 minutes, and during that time, a guy brought in a new insurance card to use on the prescription he had to pick up. It wasn't a complicated card. She should have known how to put it in. In fact, I have no idea how she could make it through weekends by herself without knowing. In any case, she made that guy wait 15 minutes for me to get off the phone, so that I could do it for her. It took me a grand total of 30 seconds.

All day long, all I heard was "Mike, you have to do this" and "Mike, what should we do with that?". I wanted to kill her. The worst part is knowing that I have to put up with her all day tomorrow too. At least our manager will finally be there to absorb some of her stupidity.

In addition, she always wants to talk shit about everyone. There's nothing I hate more than listening to my coworkers talk about people behind their backs. I refuse to participate in that bullshit. If I have a specific complaint, I'll let my manager know. Sometimes, I'll be frustrated when something isn't done when it should have been, and I'll make a comment under my breath about how lazy someone is. Otherwise, I don't complain at work simply for the sake of complaining. That's what this blog is for.

Today was such a bad day that when I closed the gate at 9:00, I suddenly realized that I hadn't taken a piss the entire day. Have you ever had that happen to you where you're so busy that you simply forget that your bladder is about to explode?

I've decided that I'm going to go in an hour early tomorrow so that I can finish some of the stuff I wasn't able to get done today (due to finishing the shit that wasn't done since Friday). Betty's closing the pharmacy tomorrow night, so when I have to open the store on Wednesday morning, I'll silently throw a fit over how she was too fucking lazy to put things away the night before.

Oh yeah... we're getting audited on Wednesday!!!


Chris B said...

What an absolute nightmare today was for me too. And here I was thinking that MLK day would be nice and slow...oh to be young and ignorant.

Anya said...

If you're lucky maybe soon the pressure will get to her and she'll transfer to a pharmacy in East Nowheresville, to only fill five scripts per day.

Gail said...

I never realized how saavy pharmacists were with insurance until one day I needed to pick up a refill at a different branch location than I usually do. I happily ordered it via internet for the new store, and went to pick it up.

It turns out that I had gotten a new insurance card at some point with a slightly different number for refills, but otherwise identical. Being a goof, I didn't notice, and never bothered to tell the pharmacy I usually pick up at.

The old pharmacy apparently knew to just change the number slightly (like the prefix or something changed), and never asked me about it. The new pharmacy (this is all in the same chain) was completely flummoxed.

Anonymous said...

I am nodding my head through your entire post -- we've all been there. And yes, I've reached the end of the day realizing I never went to the bathroom once -- it actually kind of scares me -- I figure I'll go into renal failure or something! Anyways, the next time Betty has a 'gift' for you like an insurance she can't do, pull her over to the computer and say loudly, "Let me show you how to do this so YOU'LL KNOW NEXT TIME." Do this no matter how busy you are. Then do not give an inch the next time she tries to dump it on you. God, I hate those kind of people!!!

cbrons said...

Mike, i wanna know something. What ever happened with the eharmony girl?