Thursday, November 6, 2008

If I won the lottery

For whatever reason, I was thinking about what I'd do if I won the lottery. Of course, I've never bought a lotto ticket in my life, and I don't really have any plans on doing so in the near future. Despite this, that hypothetical, nearly impossible situation has been on my mind.

Honestly, I think my life would pretty much be the same. I'd take care of a few things of course. I'd pay off my car and college loans. Then, I'd probably buy a house or nice condo. Nothing extravagant. I don't need 12 bedrooms and a 10,000 square foot bathroom. I just want a nice, comfortable place.

Other than that, I don't think I'd do anything different. I'm pretty certain I'd still work, not out of love for my job, but because it's pretty much the only thing I do that makes me feel useful to society. I wouldn't take vacations to exotic locales. I wouldn't buy an Italian sports car. I wouldn't update my wardrobe with expensive, designer clothes. I wouldn't hit the clubs or fancy restaurants every night. In essence, it wouldn't change who I am or how I act in the least.

The only things I truly desire in life right now are things that money can't buy. Winning the lottery wouldn't bring me love and enable me to start a family. Those are things I'll have to figure out on my own, regardless of my financial situation. Otherwise, I hae pretty much everything I've always wanted from a maetrial sense. There was a short list of things I always wanted that I said I was going to get myself once I graduated from pharmacy school. I wanted a particular, near-luxury car. I wanted a big, flat screen TV with surround sound, and I wanted to get my own place. That was it. Those were my only desires.

I type this today while sitting at my comfortable desk chair in my modest one bedroom apartment. I have a Samsung LCD television in my living room. I have an entertainment system that includes surround sound speakers and all the newest videogame systems. My near-luxury sports sedan is parked outside. If I'm hungry, I can buy food. If I want new clothes, I can get them. If my computer breaks, I can replace it. I'm comfortable, more comfortable than most. From a materialistic standpoint, I have everything I could ever desire, and more than I probably deserve.

Maybe it's anti-American for me not to want more. After all, the backbone of our country and capitalism in general is that you constantly work to aquire and create more wealth. It's almost sad to think that our economy would break down if people who are in similar fiancial situations to my own decide they don't need anything else. If all these people just decided to stop spending money on extravagances, companies would go bankrupt and jobs would be lost.

There are a lot of statements I could make about modern society, but I'll hold off. I just find it amazing how if a couple things fell into place, I'd basically be living my ideal life. I'm fortunate.


Anonymous said...

You are living with in your means, it may not be the current American way, but its the smart thing to do.

Anonymous said...

One thing is, for the pharmacy profession allows that option, to choose the manner and style of contributing to society ... indeed, it's a fortunate state of affairs.

Pharmacy Chick said...

I would leave my job. If I didn't have to do this, I wouldn't anymore. Its not what defines me. If I won the lottery I'd spend a lot more time working at my church or at the humane society. Animals are my passion. Pharmacy keeps the bills paid, and if they would be paid by a lottery win, I'd be free to be useful someplace else.

susan said...

I also do not need a lot in life to keep me happy. As long as I make enough money to pay the rent and eat, and maybe do some leisure activities, I'll be okay in life.

"Live simply, so others may simply live"

Anonymous said...

If I won the lottery (assuming it's $10 million after taxes), I would immediately hire a financial advisor. Never again will I every worry about grades in pharm school. I'll finish and get the degree, and probably start my own business involving pharmacy and personal fitness. I would probably put $5 million in banks to accrue interest safely. Then I would invest $3 in stocks/mutual funds for income in the future. I would probably donate $1 mill to my favorite charities or even start my own charity. That leaves me with $1 mill to blow. I would buy an Audi R8 and drive it only on the weekends. My everyday car would be a Mini Cooper. With the rest of the money, I would travel around the world. Yes, I have it all planned out. Now all I need is to win the money . . .