Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder...

I get asked this question more than should be possible...

A tech and I will be standing around in the pharmacy on a slow afternoon (usually a weekend), and a customer will cautiously approach the counter. "Hi... Are you open?" they ask with a puzzled expression.

Honestly, what can be going through these people's minds? I'm standing behind the pharmacy counter. The lights are on. The gate is up. Why would I be standing in the pharmacy like that if we were closed? Do these people think I live at the pharmacy? Why would I be there if I didn't have to?

I often wonder what they'd say if I told them we were closed. I bet it wouldn't stop them from asking if they could get a prescription filled. Therefore, if the answer to the question, "are you open?" doesn't make any difference to them, why did they bother asking in the first place?

This completely puzzles me.

The other question that irritates me comes about in the following situation:

(Phone Rings)

Me: Hi, this is the pharmacist. Can I help you?

Customer: Are you the pharmacist???

This occurs at least 5 times per day. Someday, I'll cease being amazed by this stupidity, but I don't think it will be any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Be thankful you don't have to deal with these ones:
Customer:Hi, are you the pharmacist?
Me: Yes, how can I help you?
Customer: Oh, no I need to talk to the real pharmacist.
Me: Ok...?
Customer: The MAN pharmacist.

Now, if these people were asking about condoms or jock itch or something 'man' related I could understand, but 9 times out of 10 they have a question about allergies or headaches or something that even I, a girl, would know about. Its not just eldery people or men that do this either, its women and young folks too! It cracks me up! All you can do is shake you head, smile, and hope one day they join us in the year 2008, you know, where women are allowed to vote and have jobs and stuff.

pharmacy chick said...

to answer your question: its because they weren't listening. You could answer the phone, Joes cracker box, which crumb to you wanna speak to? And likely they will have not heard one word you said. I answer every phone "X pharmacy, This is Pharmacy Chick!" and they invariably ask "can I speak to the Chick?"
In response to your post, I get the same question "are you open?" But what makes me nuts is when the store is DARK, the gates are CLOSED, I have my coat on, and locking the door and they ask "is it too late to pick up a rx?"

Jaded Rx Intern said...

How about this gem:
*phone rings*
Me: Thank you for holding. This is Jaded Rx Intern, how may I help you?
Customer: Are you open?

Nope, just getting paid to sit in a dark pharmacy, answer phone calls, and tell people we're closed. Even better are those who call and ask how late we're open. Fine and dandy, but when you call us, you first get our automated "Thank you for calling your 24-hour *pharmacy name*..."

And as for the 'pharmacist' questions: I've dealt with this for far too long - check out my blog and look for the 'Respect/Rotations' post. Slightly different than your predicament, but still annoying.

Meghan said...

Ah, I'd cut the "are you open?" people a little slack. I've never seen your store of course, but sometimes it's difficult to tell when a store-inside-a-store is open, especially if they don't know that there's a gate you close when you're not open or that you have separate lights that get turned off (assuming you're inside a larger store?). On the other hand, feel free to make fun of the people who see you put down the gate, turn off the lights, and THEN ask if you're open :)

Anonymous said...

It is your fault,
your body language is not making the customer welcome,
look at them and smile as they approach,them ask them how you can be of assistance.

Pharmacy Mike said...

I promise you, that is not the case. My customer service skills are very good.