Wednesday, March 12, 2008

H.S.I.O.W. (Holy Shit It's Only Wednesday)

I don't know how you Monday through Friday people do it. I can't imagine working 5 days in a row every week. I just finished day 2 of 4 days in a row, and I'm just about at my breaking point. I'm dead tired now, and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through my next 2 days. It doesn't help that I've had some sort of respiratory bug since Friday. I'm not sleeping very well at night, and I have this constant, horrible, hacking cough. It's only 4 days in a row though. It shouldn't feel this hard. If someone told me I had to work a 5th day, I think they'd have to throw me in a room with padded walls.

Comounding my fatigue is having to listen to everyone's drama at work. Apparently, our clerks/techs are at war with each other. I'm not 100% sure what it's about because I do my best to not listen to this kind of bullshit. However, the tension level is pretty high between some of them. I guess some of them feel that they're being treated unfairly by some of the pharmacists. Therefore, we're getting serious attitude problems between the clerks/techs and other clerk/techs as well as between them and certain pharmacists. It has to do with certain employees do more counting and pharmacy benchwork than other techs, and their complaints are that the pharmacists allow this to happen because they don't treat all of them equally.

I'm actually not part of these complaints. I guess it's because when I'm the only pharmacist working, I tend to do almost everything myself. I hate delegating tasks. For one, I don't really trust other people that easily. I worry that things won't get done quite as I want them to. This ties into my belief that "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." I figure it's my license at stake, and if I'm responsible for the pharmacy, then I want to do as much as I can.

The thing with me is that I have very high expectations for my work. I judge myself by a different standard than I judge everyone else. I strive to be perfect and the best at whatever I do. I don't expect this same level of perfection out of anyone else. Therefore, I feel bad holding someone else up to my impossible standards, so instead of being dissappointed with their work, I do the work myself. I know this isn't a good character trait for someone who will probably be a manager in the future. I can't help it though. I see an imperfection, and I feel compelled to fix it.

Anyway... 2 more days before I can rest. How sad is my life that the major reason I'm looking forward to Friday night is going to sleep for a long time?


Carol said...

accroding to my sister (who is a monday to friday person) they only work fro about 4 of the 8 hours they are there. The rest is spent gossiping, taking breaks and just messing around. Not to mention that most of them are sitting for the day, not standing on reinforced concrete.

rphgirl said...

I know exactly how you feel, but you or your pharmacy manager need to delegate tasks for the technicians so that you don't feel so stressed out. I think a lot of tension and drama would be eliminated if the technicians were on a rotating schedule throughout a day, so that the same people would not be stuck ringing the drive-through or counting pills all day long, especially if it's an extremely busy store.

I hope you feel better soon.