Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another term for the pharmacy contract

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I would love to make every customer sign a pharmacy contract before using our pharmacy. I just thought of another term to add to it.

- The pharmacy has the right to charge the customer for wasted time. For example, if the pharmacist explains why a copay is high or a drug is not covered, and you choose not to believe him and force him to call the insurance company, if it turns out the pharmacist's initial explanation was correct, you will be charged a fee for wasting the pharmacist's time.

I figure what to charge could be left up to the discretion of each store. My suggestion would be to charge the patient based on the pharmacist's per-minute salary. If the pharmacist makes $60/hr, you would charge the patient $1 for every minute wasted. Therefore, if some dumbass customer forces you to call the insurance company just so they could explain to you what you already know, and this phone call happens to take 10 minutes, you can charge the patient $10 for time wasted.


Anonymous said...

good idea. insurance problems are, in my opinion, the worst

Un-PC RPh said...

we could get meters like Taxi's

pharmintern said...

i love this idea. :)

Sophie said...

you depress me. im a third year female pharmacy student and all i read here is this my future?! anyway, i disagree with an earlier post. pharmacy is very very sexy. what other professions do it over the counter.

Pharmacy Mike said...

My life has been mostly depressing for the past year. My job as a pharmacist went from absolutely terrible to pretty darn good in the same span. I complain over things that frustrate me, but if you read some of my other posts, I explain that I actually like my job. I'm one of those rare people that doesn't get brought down by all the crap that the retail world can throw at you.

Everyone needs to find their own place. I like retail. It's where my strengths lie. Others won't be able to do it. You have to find that out for yourself.