Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why can't they look like her?

Why can't one of the 40+ year old women who tell me I'm cute and half flirt with me look like her????

Did you know Julianne Moore is almost 47 years old? Is there a better looking 47 year old in the entire world? Her and Diane Lane top my personal list of hottest women over the age of 40.

Just look at that picture. She's the epitome of sexy, and I usually don't care too much for redheads. I tell you, if a 47 year old woman who looked that good told me I was cute, I'd totally go for it. I wouldn't care that she was over 20 years older than me.

Alas... neither Julianne Moore nor Diane Lane will ever visit my pharmacy. I guess I'll just have to make-do with the vicodin addicts and women with BMI's over 30.


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i think you are legally blind