Monday, August 20, 2007

He sure told me!

"Shut the hell up!!!," the cranky old man exclaimed to me. This was an order I had no problem following... mostly because I had yet to say anything to the guy.

I'm not exactly sure what happened. From what I gathered from his conversation with our tech, he called in for a refill on 2 medications that had no refills on them. We faxed refill requests to the doctor, but the doctor had yet to approve them upon the cranky old man's arrival at the pharmacy counter.

I fail to understand how this is at all our fault, but regardless of my common sense, the man got "very frustrated" with us. When I heard him say this, I walked over to try to smooth the situation over and to shield the tech from an undeserved verbal assault. I was just about to ask him if he was completely out of the medication, and I was going to offer to give him a couple days worth until the doctor approves the refills. However, before I could even open my mouth, the man threw his hands up in the air, and muttered, "forget about it. I'm leaving."

"Sir, are you out of your medication?," I inquired politely.

"Just forget it. I'm leaving. Shut the hell up!!!," he proclaimed loudly as he stomped away from the counter.

I couldn't even get mad at him. I just wanted to know what the hell just happened.

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Anonymous said...

I was once got a chance to work in a retail pharmacy as a clerk.I have a pharmacy background from other country, and I just move here.For me, English as a secound language,have some difficult time to understand what people says.
I did try hard to learn everything from work,believe me .But I had to quit after working there for 3 months. I quit not long after I met one customer from the drive thru yell at me after I ask him how to spell his name,DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!!!----and he ask for the Pharmacist, when the Pharmacist's there he started to complain me about my very poor English.Then,I felt very sad and angry with myself how stupid I am. Now, your blog that shows them all makes me understand and feel better with myself. Thank you so much.