Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Starting to Get Too Old for "Cute"

"He's so cute."



"He's so nice."

I have a swarm of customers (older female ones of course) that say these things to me and about me constantly. At first, it was really flattering and made me feel good. I try really hard to be helpful and as good a pharmacist as I can be to my customers. However, as I enter my late-20's, I think I might be getting a little old for "cute."

You see... They don't call me cute in the way, they'd call Brad Pitt cute. They call me cute in the way they'd call a 10-year old cute. They look at me like a big kid playing pharmacist. I seem so young and innocent to most of these customers. I go out of my way to explain things to them or help them find things in the OTC aisle. I'm ultra polite and brush away compliments with an embarrassed, blushing smile. Like I said... I come across as a little kid playing dress up. Thus, I get all these, "Oh, he's so cute."

I don't look young for my age. I have more than a few grey hairs and very noticeable wrinkles around my eyes. I guess it's just the way I present myself that makes me seem like I'm younger than my age. For whatever reason, instead of coming across as a mature, confident man, I exude the persona of a bashful, eager to please kid.

Perhaps that's my problem with women. I'm nice, and I can be funny (usually in a dark, sarcastic way). I'm not grotesquely unattractive. I have a good job, and I act very responsibly. However, in the end, I come across as someone that needs to be taken care of instead of someone who will take care of others. Basically, women want their kids to be like me, but not their husbands or boyfriends.

I guess it's hard to explain to people that have never met me. That's how I really feel though. It's like I'm a kid who one day woke up as an adult in an adult world. I don't know how else to describe it.


Anonymous said...

dude, dont feel bad. these are older ladies we're talking about. and you know how older women love to say that kind of crap! as long as you're not giving off that impression to women your age, dont mind them.

new marvel said...

Sometimes we prefer the cute ones! I know a lot of people who have a thing for Michael Cera (SuperBad, Arrested Development, Juno)

If you look your age (another consensus: crowsfeet = hot.... on guys, anyway) but come across as bashful, that's even better! John Cusack > Brad Pitt :)

Think Chandler Bing from Friends. He's everyone's favorite. He's totally just a big kid playing dress up.

rinner said...

Mike don't feel too bad...I get it lots too but they will say, "OMG you look so young!" Not, "wow you are so cuuuute!" It also reminds me of when I shadowed family practice residents and many of them looked babyfaced too.

pharmacy chick said...

When you are dealing with people who are 20-30 years older than you, you will always be 'cute'. Mr Chick is 45. He has girlfriends who are 70ish who literally argue over who likes him more.
Accept it Mike and move on. You are special to these ladies and they luv ya.

The Ole' Apothecary said...

You'll live to cherish it, Mike. The other day, a nurse who was my age or a bit younger came into the pharmacy and called me "Young Man." I'm 57. She made my year, and the year is only six weeks old!

PharmerGirl said...

Your post reminds me of a time several years ago when an older lady came to the pharmacy and wanted to talk to a "real" pharmacist. No, way could the 20 something, blonde, 5'2" lady be a pharmacist. Now, I am 42 and I think they finally understand that I am the "real" pharmacist, thanks to a few gray hairs and a couple extra pounds.

Anonymous said...

No, seriously it's just the crazy old ladies. Today I was getting lunch with my husband and the woman behind the counter kept calling him 'dearie'. I wanted to say "that's DR. Smith."