Sunday, April 20, 2008

I wish some people would stop bugging me

You know... I wouldn't feel so bad about my life if it weren't for everyone constantly making me feel like shit for sitting around and not doing anything on my days off.

Take my mother for example: It's a pretty nice day out today. In fact, the past 4 or 5 days have all been pretty nice. My mom calls me today. "Where are you? You're at home??? You mean you didn't go out today? It's so nice. Why don't you call someone and go somewhere?"

Well, maybe I just didn't feel like going anywhere today. I had a fairly busy day yesterday. I hung out and went to the beach with a bunch of friends. It's too cold to go in the water, but we spent most of the afternoon hiking along the beach. Then we got seafood for dinner and finished the night playing poker. I thought that was a pretty good day. I was relaxed. I got some exercise. It was nice. Today, I just felt like sitting around and watching the NBA playoffs today. Do I have to go somewhere every day? Is there something wrong with just wanting to be by myself?

I feel like I'd be much happier with myself if I didn't have to constantly explain myself to the people around me. My mom tells me that they always call me into work instead of anyone else because they know I don't have much of a social life. You know what? That is true. I don't have much of a social life, but for the most part, I don't want to have a very active social life. I like to occasionally hang out with friends, but I don't really like going to bars. As I stated in an earlier entry, I hate clubs. I don't like going to concerts. I'd rather watch sporting events on TV than actually be there in person.

Give me a warm day and a basketball court to myself, and I'm happy. Throw in the occasional dinner and some nights of playing cards, and I'm satisfied. I'll date someone when I'm good and ready to. If I'm never ready, or if I never meet anyone who I feel is worth my time, then that's fine. I'm really OK with that. I just hate having to listen to family, friends, and coworkers ask me why I don't do more things or go out on more dates. They make me feel ashamed of myself for just being who I am.

That's about all I wanted to say. I just want people to stop pestering me.


susan said...

Couldn't agree more. I also just like to chill at home by myself.... I don't need a whole lot to be satisfied...I'm okay with being single and am tired of getting flack for it. What is wrong with enjoying one's own company? People say it's selfish to be single...but I say it's even more selfish to be codependent on someone and rely on them for your happiness. I'm working on enjoying me and self-love..and then maybe a relationship will come. I just don't understand why people think relationships are the end all be in life..and the snide comments about me wanting to be alone.

Pharmacy Mike said...

Why would it be selfish to be single? They way I see it, I'm being selfless.

By being single and not having many close friends, I allow other people to do what they please without worrying about me. I don't pester women for dates. I don't ask anyone to make a big deal about my birthday. I let everyone else do what they want to do. If what I want to do crosses paths with what someone else wants to do, then that's cool. If not, I don't bother anyone.

I can't think of any way that being single would be selfish. Unless, of course, someone thinks you're depriving the world of a wonderful personality or something stupid like that.

susan said...

Well, I'm just saying that accusation has been thrown my way. Maybe because we don't have anyone to worry about but ourselves...who knows.
I've also gotten the "what's wrong with you" like I must ave some kind of personality defect....ahh i'm sick of all this crap. People need to mind their own business.

MrHunnybun said...

Sounds like a perfect day-off to me, The last thing I want to do on a day off is do something too taxing. So, pootling around the house, watching DVDs and relaxing works for me too.

Okay, our jobs aren't that physically demanding but it is mentally tiring to be dispensing, checking, etc. for ten-hour stretches for five days a week.

I guess some people always need stimulation. I'm quite capable of stimulating myself :)

Anonymous said...

Go Spurs Go! Ginobili owns.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that at all. After long stressful days spent running around 'putting out fires', a day of solitude is a real treat. I'm in heaven when I can pour that big ol' cup of coffee in the morning, sit back on the couch for a while and enjoy the peace. You need it to re-charge!

Anonymous said...

my god, i know exactly what you're saying. next time someone bugs you, just ask them, "are you telling me how to live my life?" shut em up!

pharmacy chick said...

See, thats the real cool thing about being grown up! If you want to eat M&M's for dinner, and sleep in til noon on your day off, more power to you--I personally dig a root beer float and popcorn, and a baseball game taped on tv!
Some days, when I am tired, I putz around the house all day. Other days I'll spend 16 hours at the golf course. Of course, having no kids helps :-)
go your way, live your life as you choose.

Anonymous said...

A lot of times, it's the people that are most miserable in their own lives that are nosy about other people's lives. Misery likes company. (cliche but true)