Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I just want to clarify my remarks about the NAPLEX in response to a comment I received.

I don't believe one's performance on the NAPLEX has even the slightest bit to do with what kind of pharmacist a person will be. Hell, I don't think grades in school have much to do with what kind of a pharmacist someone will be either.

I was merely voicing a random thought that popped into my head regarding the NAPLEX. The blog entry was more about how shitty the NAPLEX is as a licensing examination. Think about it... if 85%+ of the students who take it pass, and no one has any idea how the stupid exam is scaled, what's the point of even having students take it?

Would anyone honestly feel less confident in newly licensed pharmacists if they didn't have to take the NAPLEX to get licensed? I really wouldn't. I suppose the NAPLEX is used simply to set people's minds at ease that potential pharmacists have to be tested in something, regardless of how little it has to do with the actual practice of pharmacy.

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