Thursday, July 12, 2007

It pisses me off...

...when our warehouse decides not to send drugs that we order. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the shorts too. We need Naproxen, so we order a nice 500 count bottle. Order day comes, and no Naproxen. Now, I'm the one stuck telling everyone why we don't have enough to fill their script. I wish that a representative from our warehouse could spend the day at the pharmacy and explain why we have no Naproxen, or Albuterol MDI's, or Fosamax, or Amoxicillin, or any random product.

...when I come into the pharmacy on Monday after one of my coworkers worked the weekend and find a million things that should have been done that weren't. For example, this past Monday, the weekend paperwork was not done, the drug order for our store was not done, nor were supplies (vials, caps, etc.) ordered. This just means that I have to waste my time on a day where we will fill close to 600 scripts doing busy work.

...whe the phone just rings and rings and rings and rings and rings and rings, and NO ONE PICKS THE DAMN THING UP!!!!! I'm there trying to check 1 prescription, while counting another, while answer a technicians question (all at the same time). Meanwhile, the other pharmacist is chatting with a tech about how she loves cashews. And the phone rings and rings and rings, and I just want to scream out (PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE!!!!!!).

... (I especially hate his one) a clerk is unable to find a prescription in the bin, interrupts me while I'm trying to check something or answer a question, and I go over and find the prescription in 2 seconds. Sometimes the prescription is in the wrong bin because our clerks don't understand that the big "B" on the label means it goes in the "B" bin. Sometimes, it's in the right bin, but the clerk (or tech, wouldn't want to leave them out) was looking in the wrong bin the whole time. Other times, it's in the right bin and they were looking for it in the right place, but they didn't see it even after checking 5 times. I'm not sure which scenario pisses me off more.

... when customers bitch about paying a $3.00 copay.

... when one of our clerks (let's call her Tammy) who is dumber than a brick asks me, "The customer wants a refill on her Valtrex. Which one of these on the profile is Valtrex?" ummmm..... THE ONE THAT SAYS VALTREX!?!?!?!?

This is why working at my pharmacy is so damn infuriating. We have employees that can't even look on a customer's profile to see what medication they might be looking for without asking for help from a pharmacist. It leads to this exchange:

Tech: "Have you guys filled anything for Mr. Smith?"

Me: (busy checking scripts or doing other busy pharmacist activities) "I don't know. Did you look in the computer to see if something was done?"

Tech: "No"

Me: "Why don't you do that first?"

Tech: (after looking in computer) "It says we filled it."

Me: "Ok... what was it?"

Tech: "Oh, umm.... I don't know." (goes back to PC to look up patient again). "Lipitor"

Me: "Yes, that was done. It's in the bin"

Tech: "I didn't see it there."

Me: (walk over to the bin and pull it out in 2 seconds)

Tech: "Hahahahaha... I must be blind... hahahaha"

Me: (in my mind) "I want to gouge your eyes out so that you really would have an excuse for not seeing it in there and wasting my time."

That scenario, and I'm not exagerrating when I say this, happens 10 times per day.

Luckily... starting now, I'm on vacation, so I don't have to care about how much my coworkers fuck up next week. Well, I don't have to worry about it until I get back a week from monday and have to fix all their mistakes.


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