Monday, August 9, 2010

Eisai and Pfizer Are the Latest to Honor Former NBA Great Michael Jordan

With the approval of Eisai and Pfizer's new drug application for Aricept 23 mg, the companies are the latest on a long list of companies and individuals to pay homage to NBA legend Michael Jordan.

"Michael Jordan's awe-inspiring play, competitive spirit, and overwhelming charisma has left a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of billions of people world wide," stated Pfizer CEO, Jeffrey Kindler. In helping to maintain and improve the cognitive abilities of those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, we hope Aricept can keep the memories of MJ's amazing athletic feats alive for years to come."

Kindler continued, "We could have made this high dose Aricept formulation be 20 mg, or even 25 mg in order to be consistent with the 5 mg increment dosing of Aricept that is already in place. However, we thought that this was the perfect time and Aricept was the right drug to honor the great Michael Jordan. Thus, we settled on 23 mg."

***(This story is obviously not true... at least not to my knowledge. Eisai and Pfizer very well could have been honoring Jordan. How else did they come up with a nice, round number like 23 mg? Was 20 mg way too low? Was 25 just too high? We'll never know.)***


Anonymous said...

WTF? Dosing a drug at 23mg in honor of Michael Jordan? He isn't old enough to have Alzheimer's! Maybe the media here in Chicago has been covering up a case of bipolar disorder... nah, there's too much stupid stuff happening here for that to even be a story.

Pharmgirl said...

Um, that would be because there is no way to get to 23mg out of the 5mg and 10mg generic donepezil that will be out soon, keeping patients on that branded product! Oh, the games the drug companies play... Seriously, though, I LOL'd at this post...good one!